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vz 61 pistol shockwave blade

Sure, some have wondered what it would be like to attach an AR-15 style arm brace to a regular handgun, but we're the first to make it quick and easy to do on a wide variety of pistols. The Skorpion vz. 61 is just one great example of putting an arm stabilizing brace on a pistol. Not only does it feel natural but it becomes a great amalgum of both an old "cold war era" pistol and a modern Shockwave Technologies Blade brace. Pick up your Wishbone PDW adapter or the full Shockwave Wishbone PDW kit in our online store today!

Learn More about the Wishbone PDW™ Adapter


Download our full spec sheet for the revolutionary patent pending Wishbone PDW Adapters (PDW100C and PDW100X) which allow you to attach any ATF-approved arm brace or pistol stabilizing brace to virtually any semi-auto handgun!