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ruger p89 dc shockwave blade

This Ruger P89-DC was super popular in the 1990s and 2000s, but has since been replaced by newer Ruger lines such as the SR9 and LC9 series.  Those are great guns too, and they are also compatible with the Wishbone PDW adapter and AR-15 style arm brace to, which allows you to put a pistol stabilizing brace on almost any a regular handgun including the P89. The Wishbone PDW is especially comfortable on the P89 when complimented by a Hogue rubber grip.  Pick up your Wishbone PDW adapter or the full Shockwave Wishbone PDW kit in our online store today!

Learn More about the Wishbone PDW™ Adapter


Download our full spec sheet for the revolutionary patent pending Wishbone PDW Adapters (PDW100C and PDW100X) which allow you to attach any ATF-approved arm brace or pistol stabilizing brace to virtually any semi-auto handgun!